Glen Zehr Family

Glen Zehr

Glen was born and raised on a farm in the southern hills of VA, and is now rearing his own version of “the family” on this same farm. He has a lovely wife, Rachel, without which he would be “totally lost”. They are the proud (most of the time) parents of two girls and three boys.

The arrival of their children has been amazing. After being told that they had a “1% chance of ever having biological children”, they signed up for adoption. Six months into the adoption experience, they discovered that smart doctors don’t know everything. Sierra was born Oct. 27, 2000. They continued pursuing adoption, and after four years of waiting and several failed adoptions, they had a successful match. Aleya was born Sept. 27, 2003.

In January of 2005, Glens had a surprising phone call from Social Services wondering if they would be interested in fostering a little girl. They said yes, and picked her up. After nearly three months of living with Glens, little Kari was placed in a relative’s home.

They received another surprise phone call in June about a baby boy (Jayden) in Florida needing a permanent home. After Glens arrived in Florida they received another phone call concerning another baby boy (Jackson) available for adoption. Needless to say, Glen’s girls were thrilled to hear about their two new brothers.

While recording Tiny King, Glen and Rachel learned of another young lad in need of a home. Kaiden James was born on August 26 and was placed in foster care. In September Glen’s traveled to Tampa, FL, met the little fellow, picked him up, and brought him home.

Glen writes, “The entire adoption process and losing a foster care child have produced questions concerning God’s goodness; wondering WHY, and trying to find peace and rest in God’s grace. I am slowly realizing that God is good. The perfect proof of God’s goodness is in the death and resurrection of his precious Son. I am thankful that my sins can be forgiven and that I have a reason to sing. I am thankful for people that have written songs in the middle of their pain and suffering.”

Glen grew up listening to groups like the King’s Heralds, the Robert Shaw Festival Singers, and the King’s Singers. He has had the privilege of singing under the direction of Marlin Miller, Brandon Mullett, Urie Sharp, David Charles, John Henry Miller, Dr. Rene Clausen, and Dr. Weston Noble. He has also taken some private voice lessons from Brandon Mullett and Joan Pennock. These people were instrumental in inspiring him to do his best.

He was asked to join VOP in 1997. He was thrilled to join and has enjoyed the experience. He says, “It is not always easy to lead people in worship, but it is very rewarding most of the time. It has been good learning to relate to the other men one on one, and learning to work out our differences of opinion in a Christ like manner.”